Church Activity - Memorial Mass

Every year, we gather together to honor those Brother Knights and Ladies who have gone before us. We gather together in the Stone Chapel and hold a special Memorial Mass to celebrate their lives. At the conclusion of our normal Mass, the 4th Degree Color Corps processes up the aisle and we call out the names of each of the deceased. When the name is called, a family member or loved one comes up to light and present a candle in the honor of their loved one. When all the names are called, members in attendance are able to come up and state the names of loved ones that have passed that they wish to honor.

Following the Mass, all in attendance are invited to breakfast afterwards. The breakfast varies from year to year, some years we'll go out to breakfast and other years we eat a continental style breakfast. Either way, those in attendance are happy to be able to come back and talk about their loved ones and reminisce.