Our Membership Director

  • Larry Shannahan, PGK
  • Phone: 443-928-9393
  • Email:
  • Member of the 4th Degree

Membership Requirements

In order to join you must be:

  • 18 Years of Age
  • A Practicing Catholic in Union with the Holy See

How To Become A Member

The following steps must be completed before your initiation:

  • Complete a membership application (Form #100).
  • Your form will be prescreened and checked for accuracy.
  • You'll need to pay an initiation fee of $10 and prorated membership fee of $3 per month; these fees are currently waived for new members initiated during 2022.
  • You will sit down and meet with the membership committee and have an opportunity to ask and answer some questions.
  • You'll participate in an initiation ceremony; otherwise known as the Exemplification ceremony.
  • The Exemplification ceremony advances new and existing members through the lessons of Charity, Unity and Fraternity required of a Third Degree member; at the end of the ceremony you'll be Knighted to the 3rd degree.
  • You'll need to stay current paying your annual membership fee of $36.

Also, you can joint for FREE on-line this fraternal year using our council number 11372 and promotion code BlessedMcGivney. The code is one continuous string and is not case sensitive. Any combination of upper-case and lower-case letters will be accepted. After your firts year, will continue to pay the annual council's annual fee. Go to this link to join today! Join Us | Knights of Columbus (

We have over 200 members of our council who are active Catholic men protecting our faith.  Good opportunities come once in a lifetime - don't let this one pass you by!  Join the Knights today!